Taproot Collaborators

We are very choosy about where and how we source ingredients for this medicine.  We are thrilled to be collaborating with these high integrity folks and are always open to building relationships with others who share our values.

  • New Family Farm

    Local ecological farmers who grow and dry several herbs for us. In their words: “We make judicious use of both summer and winter cover crops, pollinator habitat, and crop rotation. We strive to constantly better ourselves, our farm and our community, through, reflection, innovation and the shared experience.”

    New Family Farm

  • Sonoma County Herb Exchange

    A locally-focused medicinal herb clearinghouse, supplied by a diverse network of dedicated herb growers from Sonoma County and adjoining regions of Northern California. Specializing in fresh, hand-harvested, top quality, whole herbs and roots, often harvested the day they sell them.

    Sonoma County Herb Exchange

  • Gipson's Golden Honey

    Raw, unfiltered pure honey that goes into all of our syrups! Their team of skilled local beekeepers are keenly aware of the perils faced by honeybee populations and take great care in the health of their hives. 

    Gipson’s Golden Honey

  • Singing Frogs Farm

    A unique no-till, ecologically beneficial, highly intensive vegetable farm in Sonoma County that offers our medicines as part of their weekly CSA boxes.

    Singing Frogs Farm

  • Pacific Botanicals

    They have been growing high quality organic medicinal herbs in the Applegate Valley in Oregon since 1979. What they don’t grow themselves, they source from organic growers around the world that meet their high standards of quality.

    Pacific Botanicals

  • F.E.E.D. Sonoma

    In May of 2020, FEED Sonoma became California’s first farmer- & employee-owned fresh produce cooperative. They offer our syrups in their weekly produce boxes that bring Sonoma County-grown produce all over the Bay Area.

    F.E.E.D Sonoma