Love Letters

Kind words from our Taproot Medicine Customers

  • “I had been dealing with a cough on and off for several months, then I got the flu and the cough was unbearable. I found your strong lung medicine while I was at 'The Well' in Oakland. I honestly couldn't believe that in just one day, I finally finally felt it ease up and as I took it every day 2/3 times a day, the cough got progressively better. I'm so grateful you have no idea :}”.

    — Vanessa

  • “About a year ago my sister brought my son some Taproot wellness syrup. When he gets any kind of cold he ends up either in the Hospital with an asthma attack or on a steroid. She was living in a different area of California at the time and thought it would be a good present. We live out in Maryland. The moment he started using it on a regular basis he has not needed any steroids and any cold he got was just wiped away. It was amazing and so helpful.”

    — Sara

  • I want to tell you that when I take the Stress Away Syrup, the flavor calls an image to my mind of a young child, so safe and just finishing a little dance, smiling at me.  Thank you!  I don't know where that image came from, and I love it and welcome it.  The anise, nutmeg, orange peel flavor is deeply wonderful for me.

    — Kate

  • "Hello! I love your syrups. I've been taking your Strong Woman Syrup daily for over a year and it has been extremely supportive of my health and well-being (and your Wellness Syrup got me through last flu season without a sniffle!)."

    — Laura

  • "I have been anemic all of my life but had forgotten this part of my health and ended up in a hospital for five days. I'm sixty and always just had a chiropractor. So bottom line of course "they" wanted me to take iron pills. I took you SWS and Floradix Iron for 11months and now only your SWS :) I depend on your Strong Woman Syrup for my health."

    — Peggy

  • “Your yummy Taproot offerings have been a source of nourishment for my postpartum body as well as my son's sprouting immunity. The ritual of taking our syrup each morning with our special spoons, is a moment of self care in our day that we really enjoy sharing.”

    — Kerry