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How this medicine began

How this medicine began

Taproot Medicine began as an offering, and continues with that easeful gesture of open hands today. Frieda Kipar Bay, clinical herbalist and formulator, developed each syrup from a place of necessity: Strong Woman Syrup for her deepest friend, pregnant and anemic, Well-Being Syrup for her toddler and their developing immune system, Mighty Lungs Syrup for all those living with toxic air and smoke, and System Soother from her own deep need for stability when it feels like there's no ground to stand on. In making each formula, she considered not only the impact it has on human bodies, but on the body of the Earth, using local, weedy plants to make a well-rounded formula that considers the alchemical, energetic, and therapeutic action equally.

Each of these offerings are just that: an offering from the plants to support our human bodies in growing like a garden out of fertile, rich soil.

This medicine grew out of the quiet listening that Frieda practices with the plants. Not the kind of listening that involves sitting for hours in the garden under dappled light with no distractions, but the kind that surfaces out of dreams after a day of weeding and transplanting and tending a landscape with a toddler or two in tow. From this liminal space, it's clear that there is truly no separation of earth and sky, human or weed.

We're all made of the same air and water, dirt and spark, and from this place Taproot Medicine has emerged, following the plants and extending their reach through our own hands. We've found that the plants liked to be passed from hand to hand, mouth to mouth, and trust that connection deeper than any business model. In fact, we don't even like to use that word. Here, we strive to change the words to reflect how we feel: grateful beyond comprehension for the medicine plants and all they offer each of us, and pass that offering on to you. The gifts of working with fresh rosemary and aromatic honey reach deep into our cells and extend into the gratitude and wellness wish we pour into every. single. bottle.

So, imagine us with rosemary growing out of our hands, nettle, raspberry and dandelion out of our hair, and rhodiola reaching though our toes...this is how we offer our efforts to you, transformed by the gift of the plants ourselves.

Taproot Medicine has become a collective offering that employs several hardworking humans committed to sustainable living and making medicine within the Earth's means. There are no big investors tugging on the reigns, no poorly sourced ingredients, and no good intentions swept under the rug for the sake of making more money. Taproot Medicine is made with the hope of supporting each of you in doing your deepest work in the world, be it parenting or passing legislation. We are all needed here to re-envision our world.

~ frieda kipar bay 2020