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We are deeply nourished, healed, & moved by the generosity of plants.

The wisdom of plants: their roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds, comprise the foundation of safe and effective human healing and well-being.

We believe and align with this understanding to produce Taproot medicines in a paradigm that respects this interconnectivity, and we will never hoard its wisdom. We dedicate ourselves to stewarding and cultivating the plant world’s healing wisdom and innate healing properties for our syrups and tinctures, in right relationship.

Our medicines are formulated to rebuild trust in our body’s natural systems.

The more we separate from ourselves through modern distractions, the harder we find it to connect with our natural body systems. That’s why we are dedicated to trusting the earth and our own bodies more deeply to build the body’s trust in itself.

Our medicines are born of community and the relationship of a woman to her body, and every formula since then is designed to nourish and support the body’s inherent balance.We invite wholeness, well-being, balance, resilience, and trust in the body with every dose.

We believe in mutual abundance at every stage of medicine making.

We are not extractive beings, and neither are our sourcing methods. We only procure commonly found and easily regenerated ingredients for our formulas that do not strip land or ecosystem.

This allows us to fortify the earth while we fortify our bodies at every stage in the process of medicine making. We maintain the full potency of our medicine while protecting wild populations, and never use rare or endangered plants in our formulas. We are proud to source with reciprocity from local, organic, and regenerative growers that are protecting resources while nourishing the earth.

We are medicine makers, not marketers.

We are dedicated to taking our time. It can take up to a year to build a formula or reformulate an old one, and a full week to make one batch of medicine.

That way, each bottle truly embodies the prayer, potency, and quality that goes into the medicine. The wisdom we draw our recipes from has been around for longer than current trends in herbal medicine, and we stand by their re-emergence, and move at the speed of the earth, season, and unpressed time.

Our devotion keeps our formulas delicious, not precious.

The balanced sweetness of reverence shows up in every bottle of Taproot Medicine. We have cultivated every syrup to be wildly delicious and bioavailable so that you will actually absorb the medicine into your body, and ensure that you will take every last dose.

We also believe in meaningful dosage and the ritual that illuminates the space between you and the medicine. That way, we step into the connective relationship between our natural bodies, rhythms, and systems.

May we always remember that plant medicine is people’s medicine.

At Taproot, we are in full devotion and dedication to steward, cultivate, and share the most potent and gentle expressions of herbal medicine to heal and lift the health of our communities.

Our formulas are born of a mother’s instinct to care for every person that is birthed through her gates. We are proud of our origins (link to origin story), and our formulations, so we can all experience improved health and well-being when we are more connected to ourselves, our natural world, and each other. a